Outdoor Dream Foundation Infiniti Coaches Challenge

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Please help us support the ODF Foundation by visiting the link below and voting for Coach Brad Brownell. He is currently in round 2 and if he can make it to the final round ODF will receive $100,000.00. This foundation gives children with disabilities ages 5 to 21 their outdoor dream trips including hunts, fishing, etc.
I was one of the fortunate children that have benefited from this foundation and had a once in a lifetime trip to Wyomming on an amazing hunt for Antelope & trout fishing. I could not express how many wonderful opportunities the ODF has blessed me and my family with. The ODF has blessed so many children with opportunities beyond their reach and with the help from you all the foundation can continue blessing these children. Please go and sign up (takes less than 2 minutes) and vote daily. Thank you all for your support!