Outdoor shooting ranges around Atlanta

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Anyone know of any outdoor ranges that are around Atlanta that have 100 yard or longer range? Need to sight some rifles in.

Richard P

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I found out via another post that the club's ''Sight-In Day'' is Saturday the 2nd. It is open to the public at no cost. Club members will assist you. The club is a membership club.
it's a bit of a drive, but Advanced Bullets out in Temple is an outdoor range.


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Bob"s with Bob's Custom Guns has an outdoor range near Palmetto and south of Atlanta near Greenville the Lock, Stock and Barrel has a 150 yard range.


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there is a range in Cassville, just a couple miles up Hwy 41 from Cartersville, it is called Adairsville Shooting Sports. its a great place to go. they have a 100 yd rifle range with two two person benches, 15 lane 25+yd pistol/rifle range, 5 stand skeet and trap range, 3-D outdoor archery trail. its a nice facility, relatively new, great prices. if you would like direction just shoot me a pm if you cant find it on the web anywhere.
Charlie Elliot/Clybel WMA East of Convington has 100 yard and 50 yard ranges. Go I20 east past Convington exit at the Hwy 11 Social Circle exit. Go south on Hwy 11 through Mansfield. Charlie Elliot turn off is on the left a few miles south of Mansfield - marked with signs. Once on that road, name escapes me at the moment, the range is on the left a mile or two. It's marked too. Hours are Mon to Sat 10am to 6pm firearms. The archery range is open 7 days sunrise to sundown.
+1 for creekside. Its a great place and has so much more going on than just a range. they frequently have matches and clinics
Highly recommend Floyd County Wildlife Club just outside of Rome. It's one of my favorite places to shoot; targets set at 50, 100, 200, and 300. It's a bit of drive, 60mi, from Canton but I like it there. Not unusual to even see deer at the range.