Owners of TomCat tree stands

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Noticed this on their website. No date on it so I'm not sure when it took effect.
"Due to an unexpected circumstance concerning Tom Cat Mfg., Inc. who purchased Tom Cat Tree Climbers in 2002, Tom Cat Tree Climbers is now back under original ownership. Having produced Tom Cat Tree Climbers since 1981 it is our intent to re-establish Tom Cat Tree Climbers as a industry leader. This transfer has taken much longer than we would have like and the entire manufacturing process has been moved back to our original location. The time needed to setup and build climbers will result in a limited availability of climbers for 2007 and possibly 2008, call 912-565-7004 for more details. As always Tom Cat's are made in the USA.
Unfortunately we will be unable to support climbers made by Tom Cat Mfg., Inc. TomCat Manufacturing, Inc. and T.C. Manufacturing, Inc are two separate corporations with separate stockholders, owners, and employees. While T.C. Manufacturing, Inc. will attempt to accommodate your concerns, please be advised that we have no stock, supplies, or accessories for the climber that was manufactured by Tom Cat Manufacturing, Inc. Additionally, all inquiries concerning sales by Tom Cat Manufacturing, Inc. should be directed to the corporation in care of Danny or Debbie Smith, 506 Coe Road, Lyons, GA 30436. Thank you. "
i got one ive had for about 15 years.It still works only had to rig me up seat because the other rotted and split.dont use it much anymore but i do sometimes. killed alot deer out of it.
I have killed a mountain of deer out of an old Tom Cat I that my brother uses now.

Bought the 1st one saw back in about '85. They had a display with 600# of cinder blocks hanging from the stand.

I would love to have a slightly beefed up Tom Cat I, since I have beefed up considerably!


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They have a new heavier version called a "Fat Cat" it is for 300+ lbs hunters. I am from Toombs county and I know they moved out of a new building they built probably due to lease prices but don't know where they are now.


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I've had a Tom Cat 1 for years, still hunt out of when I have a long hike to where I'm hunting. Nice and light.
I've had several t/c 2 and loved them until they started to give (bend) where the bottom spikes on the platform come in contact with the tree. Seen the fat cat but did like the seat---then the come out with big cat which is very similar to the t/c2 only 2 inches wider--its a little heavier but it does not give:banana: it is made with beefier tubing and rated for 300 lb------the t/c 2 was rated at 250lb I believe. The stand does not slip on the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!:fine:
Tomcat tree stands???????????????

where can I buy a tomcat tree stand..Mine got stolen
Ive had it for 8 yrs and killed a ton of deer out of it and
want another one.



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where can I buy a tomcat tree stand..Mine got stolen
Ive had it for 8 yrs and killed a ton of deer out of it and
want another one.

I was at McCords in Vidalia/Mt.Vernon and he had a whole bunch of 'em.
Great stand for smaller hunter, say under 200lbs

I bought my Tom Cat II in 1993 and its the only climber I own. I have changed the seat material and the wooden part, but that's mostly me leaving it in the weather too much.
Its not as comfortable as some but it can't be beat for being light, and quiet setup on the tree and not slipping. I also like the way it bolts together for carrying. It also is cheaper than most.
Folks I can tell you the stands are being made about 3 miles from my home. Jolly is back in business and once more we will be able to get a high quality and safe climber at a resonable price. These are the lightest, easiest to carry and set up, and with a little added padding not to bad to set in for hours. I have killed dozens of deer over the years from these stands. I highly recommend these stands.
IMO a tom cat is one of the best, if not the best, stand to hunt out of with a rifle or handgun. I still hunt out of one that was made in Lyons back in the early to mid '80s. Also still have a Tom Cat II.
I have a Tomcat II and I absolutely love it. I would take a tc2 over any other stand on the market.