owning or buying a silencer in GA??

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was having a discussion about this yesterday...buddy said he can buy one or own one. I said no you cant.

whats the law here?
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ok so its legal in GA? guys, good info thanks.....although I lost the bet:D


Well......it IS illegal not only in GA but in the whole US, unless you have the special class license.....which most folks don't have. So maybe you won the bet.....

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There is some big money involved between the cost of the silencer and the tax stamp. Way too expensive to make it worth it IMO.

Plus, any supersonic round will still crack as it breaks the sound barrier. Subsonic rounds are quieter, but not Hollywood quiet.


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1. Yes you can buy a suppressor,
2. Yes you can own one,
3. Yes you can even make your own,
. . . but . . .​

1. You have to buy it from a Class III ATF licensed FFL dealer.
2. You have to pay a $200 tax per each suppressor & every time it is sold the $200 has to be paid buy the buyer.
3. If you make your own you will need to have your FFL, pay the $200 tax and fill the RIGHT form out correctly.

A suppressor will cool & slow down the expanding gasses once they exit the muzzle severely limiting the sound from the muzzle blast but a bullet going faster than the speed of sound (900 fps or faster IIRC:confused: ) will still break the sound barrier thus the "crack" will be heard. That's why .45ACP, Subsonic 9mm & .22lr make for good suppressed pistols.

Wouldn't it be nice if suppressors were legal for hunting, sport shooting & plinking?::; :clap:

linky to some info on how a suppressor works



companies that sell them



It is not illegal in GA to own a suppressor and you don't have to have a "special class license". You just have to submit the paperwork to the ATF and pay a $200 Tax for each suppressor that you buy. Here are a few of my (illegal according to edge) suppressors.
Suppressed Ruger 77/44

Suppressed Savage 10 .308

Suppressed Beretta 92 and Walther P22


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Subsonic rounds are quieter, but not Hollywood quiet.
I strongly concur... With the right round & supressor, they are QUIETER than Hollywood quiet... Downright, SCARY quiet!!! You can hear the trigger/firing pin snap & then the bullet hit the target 100 yards away. This was with a fancy, German .308.... It was amazing!!!


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Quit interfering with the thread with first hand, factual information. It ruins the ambience.....


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They can not be used for hunting. Check the regs.

You can own them. You have to apply for the tax stamp.
Criminal history can get you denied just like Class III firearms.


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Nice cans Climber. I just ordered a Marvel .22 conversion slide(with threaded barrel) for my Norinco 1911 frame and an AAC Aviator silencer from Polite Society. Mark from P.S. is very helpful if you have any questions and their web site can answer alot of questions. One interesting note, at least as far as .22 silencers go - adding a silencer typically will cut your group size in half. I guess it sort of works like an inverse BOSS system. http://www.politesocietyinc.com/


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Bad criminal history can stop you from owning any firearm not just Class III.
Correct. But the request for purchase requires a BATF investigation and local LE approval. More than just a NICS check. Some states don't allow private ownership at all.
Good looking gear, Climber!