P&M Army Surplus in Athens

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Is closing for good at the end of the year. He's always had some pretty cool and sometimes rare stuff in there. Just in case anybody here wanted to make a trip and check it out.
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Harris was my Mama's cousin. I remember as a lil young'un going in there in the 60's and just drooling over all the WWII and Korean War "army man" stuff. Lots/most of the things from the good ole days are disappearing.:banginghe



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I bought some stuff from them while
in college.

Pretty good stuff back then.

mrs. hornet22

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I'm GON have to tell my son. That was his favorite store as a young'un and adult. Normal town has turned into bar street.
I use to and still do like such stores !! It seems their prices have rose considerably over the years !! Wish there was close here !! I am in the market for a quality boony hat !


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I used to go there with my Popo ... went in there a few years ago and it still smelled the same way I remembered it when I was a kid ....


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I remember going in there when I grew up in athens


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Hate to hear it. Bought a few things there after I discovered it some years back. Reminded me of Old Sarge on Buford Hwy. just on a way smaller scale. ;)