panthers in georgia

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I know I have personally seen two panthers while hunting here in Georgia. One was late in the afternoon and the other was in broad daylight, less than 100 yards away. If you talk to the biologist and DNR they say no but me and a few others say yes for sure. You cant deny that bloody scream they make at daybreak.

Anybody else seen one?

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My cousin hunts some land here in Milledgeville beside the sinclair dam and swears up and down he saw one last turkey season on two different occasions, My aunt saw one in the stand not 40 yards the other day and freaked out and I know she don'e lie, she want hardly go hunting untill gun season is in!


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Spotted 1 in Banks County

My father saw 1 and also heard one scream late at night close to his house off of Martin Bridge Rd. in Banks County...DNR told him the same thing...they are not here in GA. My dad swears different though. He says their scream is a scream that you can recognize (like no other...)


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Yes there are panthers in Georgia, I know in Alapaha Ga, I had a lease on teh Old Saw Mill Road Off 129, and I seen a panther twice and everytime we shot a deer and left it overnight to find, we would find it burried in leafs and branches and the hind quarters eaten, coyotes do not do this.
Then In 1993 a big panther chased our cook back to the cabin and he had a real closed encounter, then last year we saw a black cat, weigh 75 to 80 lbs only 50 yards away, sitting on the paved road.
So anyone who says there aren't is doing so because they have not seen any.
That doesn't mean they don't exist in Ga.


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I haven't seen any Black Panthers, yet. I'm still hopeful. A guy in our club THOUGHT he seen a Black Panther last year but it turned out to be a Black Hog this year.

I've heard around the campfire that Troll's will make a scream that sound like a Black Panther's. It is a loud and long high picthed scream like a woman or baby.

I have too many Big Foot's around my stand and I think they keep the Black Panthers ran off.

There is only 80-100 Florida Cougar's still in the wild. Maybe Georiga needs to start a relocation project and get the herd in Florida back up.


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here's something for all you guys that think there isn't any panthers in ga.. come to telfair county and i'll personally show u differnt.
Could you just post some pictures?

How many have you seen?

Do they hang out in the same place all the time?

Any info would be helpful.


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There have been sightings in Terrell and Clay Counties by reliable sources. They are here! Some of us are just more fortunate than others in being in the right spot at the right time.
i dont have any pics. but i'll try and get some and i will post them. i have one in the woods behind my house if u go outside at night if u don't see him you can hear him scream. my wife will not go outside by herself at night b/c of it.
hey if any of you guys have a good used trail cam for sell email me .
i have seen a few personally, and as far i can tell they do stay in and around the same area. but if you think a big buck is hard to see. they are very nockturnal and mark there teritory from what i can tell by scrapping leaves and all from around the base of a tree.
My wife was driving south on 23 in Blechley Co'. on the way to Cochran. A black panther came out of a pine thicket and stood on the side of the road. She stopped as did a guy coming the other way. After it turned back and they each drove forword he said to her "did I just see what I thought I saw"? They both saw it! We called DNR and reported it and they said sometimes they travel up from Florida, but are not indigenous to Georgia.
I saw one too. Bigfoot had it on a leash and was walking it through the woods of one of my perfect hunting spots. I was mad...:pop: ::ke: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just kidding boys. Is this debate ever going to end????


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When I lived in Florida there used to be some that layed on our front lawn. My Dad would see them when he would get up in the morning. They were pretty scary when they look at you. Panthers and mountain lions. Scary creatures.


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here's something for all you guys that think there isn't any panthers in ga.. come to telfair county and i'll personally show u differnt.
Instead of taking you up on the invite to watch the panthers down there just post some pictures, it would save me some gas money.

Do you have the Black Panthers? Those are the ones I'd like to see.

If you posted a picture of one in Georgia I think it would be a first. You'd go down in Woody's history.


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Many people believe that there is one animal that is called a black panther. Really, the term black panther is refering to a melanistic (black) member of the Panthera family, or big cats. This means it could be a leopard, jaguar, lion or tiger. There were commonly black tigers until the turn of the 20th century. The last marbled black tiger ever known was killed in 1992 in the cane fields of India. There has never been a high occurence of black lions that we know of, probably due to their habitat and the extreme heat a black lion would endure. This leaves us with melanistic leopards and jaguars. The term melanism does not mean that they are actually black, but that they are full of color. If you view a melanistic leopard or jaguar in good sunlight, you can see that they are acutally a very dark brown with black spots.
Their are no big black cats that live in North America, we have no wild black panthers.

The dark color of the panthers is advantageous for them to hide in the dark forest or jungle and to hunt at night. Commonly, leopards and jaguars are a golden yellow with black spots. The leopard's yellow and black spotted pattern works very well to help hide them in the open grasslands of savannas.The melanistic color variety happens only about 5% of the time. Both color variations can be born to the same litter since it is a recessive gene.

The animals below are all black leopards. They are a lot smaller than a tiger but they make up for its size with brain power. The leopard is the smartest of the big cats. It is the only big cat that has learned to store its food above ground from scavengers. It can carry prey twice its body weight high into the tops of the trees to save and eat at his leisure. Its brain power also gives it an advantage as a more cunning hunter. A full-grown leopard can weigh up to 150 pounds.
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i have heard them before fishing at night over on allatoona lake.
Now I can,t believe the story. who taught them panthers to fish? what next? you,ve seen them riding four wheelers.:rofl:
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