Patriot44 finds a Lecroy

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Robby couldn't stand it after we found one definite point yesterday so he was back there looking again this morning. Darn good thing too because look at what he found. An Early Archaic Period Lecroy point, 8 to 10 thousand years old.
Unfortunately the tip was broken off. It looks like a fresh break so he suspects the dozer did it. He is going to try to find the tip which should be at least 1/4 inch long tomorrow morning. He marked where he found the point so with a little luck he can find it.
Congratulations Robby, a real nice find!:clap:



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Thanks Al. Couldn't get to sleep last night thinking about what really is out there.

Now, It's going to be rough thinking about that tip. Man why couldn't I just had thought about that when I found it. Just too excited I guess.

I be at the break of day tomorrow, and try and beat the dozers off the start finish line.


That thing has some serious gator teeth serrations on it! Nice find.