Paulding forest Hog

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I'm sorry but this hog must have died from a heart-attack. Why everybody knows it takes a bazooka to kill them monsters. Hate you didn't get a bird but glad you took out the hog and got some good pork cooking. Amazing what you can do with birdshot up close. Hope you get a bird next trip.
Had the perfect set up this a.m. I observed some large turkey tracks yesterday after the rain on a logging road so I made a plan to sit on it today. Sure enough at 11:20 here he come. I watched him feed thru the vegetation all the way up till he got to my shooting lane. That bird did a about face at the very edge of my lane. I was sitting 30 yards off the road bed. He never knew I was there, he just decided to go back the way he came. Im giving the road bed one last sit tomorrow. I just moved farther down the road on a rise along the road overlooking a mud puddle he visited today. We will see
Feral pigs carry a lot of the diseases that were prevalent decades ago and were the reason everyone cooked pork WELL DONE. The diseases have been eliminated from the domestic population.


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DEFINITELY. That ain't all. Crop killer too.
I knew a share croper with multiple agreements. There were several hundred acres he wouldn't plant. Especially p-nuts, in Jefferson, Warren and Glascock counties.

Those hogs NEED TO GO. Kill every one you see.