Pawn Shops in Macon

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I was wondering where some of the pawn shops in or around Macon are located, especially near Knoxville, GA. Our hunting camp was recently hit by some thieves and they took a substanial amount of items and I was hoping they might have taken the items to local pawn shop for cash. Any help would be appreciated.


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there are 2 on Eisenhower pkwy. They both seem like reputable dealers and may not be the type place a thug would take their bounty.


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One on Napier Ave. Think the name is "Middle GA Pawn". Another is Arvin's. It is downtown Macon. Cherry street I think.
I thought pawn dealers had to hold items for 30 days before they could sell. Its more likely that they would take items to a different area to dump them or try to sell them individually.

Good luck. Hope you get it all back.


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One in Forsyth at corner of hwy 41 and hwy 42 which is closer than Macon, I go in there sometimes and he will sell anything you pawn.
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Thanks for all the help, but no luck finding our stuff. We have been hit before and have made reports with the police, they believe that it is meth users because they have been stealing propane tanks, glass, and medicine along with some other items.