Pay dove hunt!!


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Someone has one on highway 11 outside of mansfield GA. Right across from Charlie Eliott we tried getting on it last year and field was full. It was $100 a gun and they told me over the phone they had 100guns opening day. They shot the second weekend lastyear for $75 a gun also. But I heard they piled um up. There is some kind of sign out front of the house. About pheasent hunts also.
Five Springs Hunting Preserve 2 miles south of Mansfield on hwy 11. 30 acre field, with 30 guns. Opening weekend is booked but the are aome spots left for second weekend shoot @ $75 per gun, had some really good hunts last year
Turner 14, im from dooly co. and was wondering if you here of any paid dove shoots in your area that wouldnt mind about three respectable hunters at there paid shoot would you please pm. me with info i would greatly appreciate it!


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The Gaskins over near Nashville normally have one. Need to ask around though. They don't advertise.
Is that you Spencer?
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Does anybody know how to get ahold of the Gaskins. Are know of anybody else close to fitzgerald thats having a pay shoot. Im ready to melt a barrel in a couple weeks.