Payton finally caught up with "Broke Leg"

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A. That deer has the structure like the ole Milo Hansen deer - perfect.

B. I can’t believe his horns stayed so clean and straight with that injury, did that just happen after this year’s growth? Or was that a past injury?

C. Good for her!!!!!!
I noticed his leg injury first in July of '17 on trail cam pics, so not sure when he actually injured it. Ironically, my wife is a vet and I had her X-ray it and see if she could tell what happened. She said no way to know how, but that the bone was completely fused at the joint and he was unable to bend it. She said it could have been a birth defect or injury. I asked if I shot all my bucks in the front left leg, would their antlers get bigger???? She just rolled her eyes and walked away :)
That's a super nice buck. Congrats!!!