PDA's-- Can anyone tell me the ins and outs???

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I'm a moran when it comes to computers. From what I've gathered, a PDA would really benifit me at work. Can someone tell me exactly what I can do with a PDA????

What features should I look for most if I buy one.

What brand do you have????

I would probably use it mostly for organization(notes, appointments, dates......) I guess

Any info would be appricated
I had one several years ago, but found it more trouble than it was worth, of course it wasn't as nice and useful as the newer ones. I don't live in a place where a blue tooth is useful, and I can always print my days list out on a piece of paper and I don't have to worry about the batteries going dead on the piece of paper. That was the big gripe with the PDA. Batteries went dead way too fast. Just when you'd want to look at your to do list, the batterys would conk out and there you'd be wishing you hadn't spent 15 minutes loading your list into the electronic gizmo and instead had only spent 2 minutes printing the list out on a piece of paper that didn't need a battery.


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I depend too much on my Franklin Planner. I never have to worry about upgrading, just a new refill each year.


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My mom always told me before I went out on a date, "And remember, No PDA, young man!" I think that is a different PDA than what you are asking about, though. :D

I have a Franklin that I use on occasion. I find it is more time consuming to get the dadgum thing set up and updated, though! I could imagine using a PDA could be the same way. I usually just use the datebook features on my cell phone for reminders and so forth. Then again, the only real things that I have to schedule in advance are my softball and baseball schedules, and I keep up with those on my laptop. :)


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A PDA is a handheld organizer.

I use ACT Database software on my computer to keep up with all my contacts and my calender and with my PDA I can down load my entire list of contacts names, addresses, phone numbers and notes that I have taken from phone calls and/or meetings.

I can also download my calendar on the PDA as well. Rather than having to pull out my laptop in a customers lobby to search for contacts and numbers I can simply use my PDA.

If your PDA and cell phone have blue tooth capability, you can actually dial your phone through the PDA with just a tap on the screen which is nice at times and you can also send emails though the PDA.

I personnally use a Sony Clie' because it talks with the ACT software that I use on my puter.
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I appricate the tips from all, keep em coming if anyone else has any good or bad experiences. What alot of you are saying is what I'm worried about. About 2 times of pulling up the wrong screen and getting stuck somewhere I don't want to be, or batteries going dead as soon as I need it most and the pda would become a UFO :D

Leadoff, your right, that is not what I was referring to :D

huntnut, am I correct by saying some of the pda's will transfer words you write on the screen into to text? Or did I dream that? :confused:
Mine will, but it's more aggrivating than you think unless you write like one of those Tech graduates. If you scribble like I do it can't read it anymore than my new Belgian Secretaryman can.



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Duff said:
huntnut, am I correct by saying some of the pda's will transfer words you write on the screen into to text? Or did I dream that? :confused:
No you didn't dream it.... :bounce:

Some will do exactly that, though with most of them you have to learn what I call a type of shorthand for it to work properly. I have not ever attempted to learn the required language so to speak and have never used that function.


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I use an HP IPAQ. And also biased since I work for HP. However, I have owned and used the Palm IIIc. I found that even though the Palm IIc had a lot of applications it was too hard to get going. The OS (Palms) is/was a hackers dream. I'm not a hacker. I do enough of that with HP-UX ::huh: The IPAQ uses the Microsloth Mobile OS very similar to Windows (XP, 2000... ETC) Ther are alot of apps that run on the Windows Mobile version including Word, Excel, IE Explorer to name a few. The bottom line Duff as with any computer purchase is "What are you going to use it for?" If you think that buying a handheld and a PDA application will organize your life... think again. I see many folks buy for that reason and they end up laying in a desk drawer with dead batteries :speechles I use mine for contact list, mobile AIM (Instant Messenger), mobile e-mail and internet surfing. It is great wireless to internet access points. Just like using a mini lap top :cool:
Many "Coffee Shops" have wireless access points along with hotels and bookstores... Some free and some you subscribe to. Good luck in your selection....

Sorry for being long winded.. Oh and yes there is handwriting recognition apps....


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I just got my wife a Palm Zire 31 for Christmas. It is a lower level PDA.

So far she loves it. She is keeping phone numbers and such as well as a Calander planning function.
Lists of things to get at the store and meetings and such. She has set reminders for 3 days ahead of when my med's need to be refilled and such.

This one uses Graffiti 2 (sp?) which lets you right on the screen with a stylus and it transfers it to type. This second version of graffiti is a LOT easier to use than the first one. It is very easy to use and you don't have to learn an all new way to do shorthand!

Hers doubles as an mp3 player, basically a little walkman with no CD.

She did not require a "mini computer" for internet and such, just a digital oranizer.

So far so good.


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If one you guys do have sitting in a drawer somewhere, I am in need of one. Let me know what kind it is and what you want for it.
I personaly use a calander book the wife gets me one every year for christmas. It would take me to long to type everything in one of those things I just write it down.


OK, OK, I'll admit it. I am a PDA nut. I've had 'em all going back quite a few years. Palm, PocketPC, iPaQ, Jornada, Treos, Ninos, etc.

Here's my current love:

The treo600 is a pretty cool tool. I need internet access where ever I'm at at any given time, and this does the trick. Web browsing, e-mail, remote desktop, SSH... it's a sweet deal. Once you get a PDA with a keyboard you'll never go back ;)

Oh, and one last thing - I can read and post on Woody's from the deer stand. Perfect for slow days :cool:



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I'm also a relatively long-time PDA user.

And I currently use a Palm m505. It's several years old, but I've been waiting to get one of the new PDA/phones in one. I will ultimately get a Treo, but my employer doesn't have a Palm email server yet. But that's more than you need to know...

I really like my Palm for many reasons. I can keep my calendar, quick notes, to do lists, and contacts all current and only have to make changes once. When I get back from a trip, I can see immediately what items my assistant has added to my calendar. I can beam appointments/reminders to my wife and she can to me (she got a Zire 31 for Christmas). The biggest benefit to me is the single calendar. Since I travel a ton for work, folks need to know where I am. They can check my on-line calendar and see immediately. I can add appts from the road and don't have to worry about also adding them to my office calendar. They sync seamlessly. Same with contacts, etc.

Plus, I have Delta's interactive flight schedule on my Palm (I can add flights to my calendar seamlessly), a nifty financial calculator, pic of my boys, and a few games all in the same package/device. Now if I can just get rid of my cell phone for calls and get wireless email, I'll be bulletproof ;)

BTW, I haven't had any problems with my sync software (once you set it up), my batteries, or learning the handwriting. I have stickers on the side of my hardcase for my Palm that have all the letters on them.
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Hey, I appricate the help and advice form everyone. Exactly what I needed to know. Thanks a bunch for the info.

I was hoping one would help me organize my notes, daily reports and schedule for work. I measure 2-3 jobs per day, complete 2 jobs per day and I am usually on the phone 20 -/+ time a day. I usually write my notes and jobs comleted in a calander book but then I have to transfer them to my computer at home and make a copy for my desk at work. In othe words I end up w/several pcs of paper to keep up with and I'm constantly losing one only to find it in the stack 2 days later. :mad: I think I'll start out w/ one in the $100-150 price range. Any suggestions??
Dave, don't apoligize for being longwinded, that is what I wanted you to do.

Brandon, that is some more cool! :fine: