Peanut butter block

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Well last night I tried to build a peanut butter block I mixed jar and a half of peanut butter, about 2 cups of peanuts, sugar, syrup and a little bit of sunflower seeds shelled. Turned on the oven to 400 back for 30 min. Then I put it on wax paper in the frig. Looks like a chunky peanut brownieThis morning I put it out in the food plot with cut apples so when I go out Wed or Thurs I'll let everyone know how it worked. Couldn't find a recipe so I started mixing stuff together. I'm in Florida so baiting is legal.

P.S. if anyone has a better peanut butter block recipe let me know I'll give it a try


The squirrels and coons will be happy. Heck, I'd eat that myself. :)
I would like to know how it works for you. I put out a lot of peanut butter this year and my trail cam got a whole lot of coyotes. Six of them in one picture. Three of them took a dirt nap.


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Peanut butter and apple. Dang you catering a picnic? Leave a case of coke too Im on my way!

For real, it sounds like a pretty good attactant. Curious to see how it works for you.
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Forgot about this post they loved it also put out a molasses, peanutbutter and brown sugar mix 2 days ago and they dug a hole out eating it


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Dang forget the deer I want a piece of that. Sounds tasty.
:rofl: I was thinking the same thing!!!

I'd say you mixed up a good'n.

I bought one of the pre-made types from Walmart the other day to put out in front of a trailcam.

I think your's will work much, much better.:D
Those deer are gonna have a massive "sugar high" or
Sugar Diabetes if you keep feeding that.....
Someone posted a link to some homemade deer attractants
a couple of days ago...Did your recipe come from it ????
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made the 1st one up 2nd found on google
the big cans of peanut butter( the family size), two pounds of light brown sugar, and about a half gallon of molasses. just mix it all together and pour it in a shallow hole in the ground where ever you want it. i usually put mine out within thirty yds of a good deer trail.