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Big Foot

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More fun than a 54 yo man should be legal to have....picked up a .22 Gammo Whisper pellet rifle with 3x9 scope.

Squirrel riddance never been so fun, pellet rifle shot have come a long way! Deadly accurate out to 60 + yards with lethal perch from the top window and the quietness of the gun keeps em in line of fire instead of scrambling

Anyone else into these pellet rifles?
Ive got a Gamo 440 .177 that came with the 4X32 scope. I've killed quite a few squirrels with it, but at much closer ranges than 60 yds. I don't think I could hit one @ 60 yds. I need to go sight it again, been missing some at close range. :smash:


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I was thinking about a backyard squirrel hunt myself.


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City squirrels taste the same as country squirrels.....true story......


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Y'all leave them tree rats alone. They just earning a living at the food bank like a self respecting democrat. That bird feed is unfairly hoarded in large quantities and should be dispersed more evenly.
I shoot a Benjamin in front yard at targets all the time, neighbors don't know I am shooting and gun is very accurate and yes cheap to shoot. Love the pellet rifle.


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I checked those pcp pellet rifles out and man I had no idea they were that cool , kinda high $ about $600.00 for the gun and $300.00 for tank , I don't know how much to fill tank ?
Interesting. Dad has a gamo from maybe 5 years ago that is everything described, only it aint accurate. Maybe a lemon.
I picked up my son a Stoger X20s2. This thing is a beast. I have about taken it over, as my son called me out this weekend. Too much fun. Biggest thing I can say, buy the best pellets you can.
Interesting. Dad has a gamo from maybe 5 years ago that is everything described, only it aint accurate. Maybe a lemon.
I picked one up a few months back and took it back the next day. I was very unimpressed with the accuracy after hearing all the hype.


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I've been often tempted, but can't justify it since my savage mkii with outback iid suppressor loaded with cci subsonic segmented hollow points is way quieter and far more effective.


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I have a Crossman Quest and a Remington Genesis both in .177 caliber. The Crossman is a solid, smooth shooting air gun...pretty accurate a ways out. It has a 4x32 scope on it.

The Remington is accurate and looks cool, but feels kinda cheap. It makes a "TANG" that's heard and felt when it shoots. It has a 3-9x40 scope. Squirrels are not safe in my yard. I can also take out rabbits and possums with either.