Pellet rifle....

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Big Foot

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Squirrel eradication never been so fun....they are thick though, must of taken 50+ and still they show...

Gammo shooting out to some impressive distances

Brings out the kid in us men , pellet rifles thumbs up!


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Have both a Gamo and a RWS that I inherited from my dad when he passed. ( I had a Benjamin that I love ) Took both out this weekend when I went walking my property to pick up ground blinds for the year.

Took a while to sight in the Gamo, the scope is cheap as can be with a blurry view and an MOA adjustment that just does not move well, but once I finally got it on the mark it was drilling the bull shot after shot. Am definitely going to upgrade that scope.

The RWS was easier to sight in and ended with same results hitting the bull once sighted.

Shot the door frame of an old abandoned camper that is on the property and both appeared to do the same damage to it. This kind of surprised me as the Gamo had "Tang" to it like GoldDot40 reported and feels less sturdily constructed.

Unfortunately no bushy tails seemed willing to test out the lethality of either. May go sit one of my lock-ons this weekend, weather allowing, and see what happens.