People who wear shorts in freezing weather


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I wore pants today for the third time this year.
I am regretting it already

Capt Quirk

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Growing up in Florida, shorts and a hoodie are the standard winter wear. When it starts dipping into the 40's, I throw on the long pants. Any colder than that, and I switch out the flip flops for shoes. Anytime it is wet and windy, all bets are off, and I dress like it is the arctic circle.


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It used to kill me watching the high school coaches wearing a large jacket and a pair of shorts in the winter. Crocs with socks is terrible, too. I can't do the boots and shorts, either.
I hate cold weather, If I had my way, it would be 72 year around. It used not to bother me much, but the older I get the worse I hate cold weather. If I had my way, we would be spending this time of the year in Florida. I would not dream of wearing short sleeve britches this time of the year.


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climbed Stone Mountain before sun-up in shorts this morning



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Other than work, haven't had on a pair of pants this fall/winter yet. Sitting in my office typing this guessed it, a pair of Adidas shorts and a hoodie.
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The women are begging me not to wear britches.
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Oh I got an update. I saw the woman again at redlight. I was able to snap a picture. She actually smiled this time. Yes she called me a white skinned devil and my wife is a witch. I am puzzled how she knows my wife 😂


Not today, but I wear shorts in winter. As long as my feet are warm. I am good.
It's not as bad as crocs and socks:D

agree - if I know I'm not going to be outside for a long time I'll wear shorts year-round. So if I'm just going to the store and coming right back there's no point in pants or a jacket.
I don't even own a "winter jacket" - a sweatshirt can handle anything Georgia can throw at me for up to an hour outside.

That said once I start to shiver it's "game over." :cry:
I don't have much body fat which = no insulation = hating life once I'm cold.