peripheral neuropathy

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Just asking if anyone on here is suffering with neuropathy and how they are dealing with it. I have a rimfire that I built just before my cancer and was able to get it to group 10 rounds in a dime. After my chemo treatments I developed neuropathy and now little to no feeling in my hands or feet and when I can feel things it hurts like CensoredCensoredCensoredCensored. Now I can't feel the trigger movement very well and therefore my grouping really sucks. I can still hit center mass with my pistols but down right accuracy seems to be out the window. I would like to hear how others have been dealing with this. Thanks.


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I feel your pain.I went thru chemo and radiation about 4 years ago and after my second surgery I ended up with neuropathy in my right hand.The best thing I found for the pain and tingling was lyrica.After about a week the pain and as I call the lightning bolt strikes in my hand calmed down.Hope this helps.I hope you are cancer free.
I also have peripheral neuropathy (cidp - a rare demylenating neuropathy). I do not hunt , but bass fishing is my passion. Although I have had this disease for over a decade, it has not impacted my daily life to much until recently. My problem is my feet are numb, and it affects my balance. It is hard to run the trolling motor while standing up, and more importantly , not fall into the lake. So now, I simply fish sitting down, but it sure is hard to work a spook while sitting.
Luckily, i have a brother and good friend who love to fish, and both have boats, so I fish with them.
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I almost hate to admit it but I've fallen off my boat before I had neuropathy and balace issues. I didn't even have anything to drink when it happened.