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Nationwide Permitting Services - like the name implies we are a national permit expediting company for commercial construction and the signage industry. Currently we are just a staff of 3 with a 4th available on call for work. This year we are celebrating our 10th year in business.

We are looking to grow with another team member and I figured I'd look to this forum to see if anyone is/knows someone who'd be a good fit. I'm going to try and not get too wordy and to keep it brief - if you don't know already know what a permit expeditor is we probably won't be a fit. This may be a long shot or I might find the perfect option, it is a niche market to find someone with experience will be tough. This has potential to go full time or stay part time. I will eventually put together a more formal employee position breakdown but if you know what a permit expediter is you will understand. For my team I've always hired someone I knew and they had experience, trying something different. I feel this job brings a unique opportunity to work from home with a decently flexible schedule.

Anyone interested should email me a CV and Resume:, also preferred to see LinkedIn profile.

Job title:
Project Manager (PM)

Job Summary:

New PM would support the NPS team with researching permit offices for submittal details and processes. This is done with a general research template but permitting varies from every municipality and job scope. Once the preferred candidate is deemed they would transition into working directly with clients facilitating Project Management communication directly. In some cases you would be working with our existing network of local permit expediters and managing their work progress. After being hired all initial work would be done under support of our existing lead Project Manager. Our typical client is a national/regional - Architect, General Contractor, or large Sign Company.

Job Details/Requirements:

- 80%-90% or more time is spent working from home
- travel will be for local Atlanta permitting municipalities, no overnight travel required
- we will aim to keep you off the road during high traffic periods when travel is required
- must have good communication skills and great Outlook and Excel proficiency
- detail oriented, it cannot be overstated how important this is to the job
- timeline oriented, track timelines to keep projects on schedule
- experience pulling commercial building or sign permits across multiple municipalities is preferred
- understanding general construction knowledge of drawings and construction flow process
- Our core business is about 50% sign permits for national rebranding programs, 50% building permits for various types of commercial construction and 95% of our Building Permit work is interior build outs for retail or office spaces
- experience in either environment above is a very big plus
- pay will be commensurate to experience
- part time, starting pay approx. $20k-$26K/year (4 hrs/day M-F)
- pay growth to closely mirror employee output
- paid bi-weekly
- quarterly bonuses
- no other benefits at this time
- opportunity to get on board with a growing small business and work on projects for some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the US
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