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In case someone has not heard, seems Photo Bucket has repented of their sins a bit. They have decided to no longer hold our stored pics hostage and if you have pics on their site already, you may now share them on websites as before. They have greatly reduced the charges for 3rd party hosting of new pics as well. So if you had pics, shared on the web ,replaced by their little speedometer symbol, your pics should be back.
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Q Cookin, Fly Tyin, Mod
According to what I have read, it was the millions of folks that contacted them. PhotoBucket replaced the CEO that started the whole fiasco.

You surely made my day by giving us this information. This is some of the very best news for sure and I immediately began going back and reading old posts here with the original photos (some of which I lost because of a computer crash a few years ago. Now at least, I have these photos back on-screen so that I can "save" these photos now and put them back on my hard-drives.

I sent several emails and got replies from their "ROBOT" instead though !!!!! Many times, I asked for a LIVE person to contact me instead of any "ROBOT" though. I told them that after the way that their CEO tried to hold everyone hostage without any warning as such, that this CEO should be the manager of the nearest "Sewage Treatment Plant" as he would be right at home because he was full of himself. Not a single person ever contacted me though.

I am so glad that somebody finally found a real brain and acted more responsible. :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers: