Pic of NUDE woman caught on my trail cam!

Miguel Cervantes

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We all knew what wouldn't be here because of the censor, but some things you just have to check out,,,,,,,,,,,,,because...:bounce:
Admin check before the evening shift logs on.:bounce:
After many years of training, it's all done by instincts. Seeing a combination of Nude & Woman in the same sentence means I have to check it out.
I was going to say

Maybe a nudist colony moved in next door to chase all the deer into the next county.

I guess you really only have deer to look at.

In a recession, that probably a good way to advertise open spots on a hunting lease.


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I checked it out also, theres a sucker born every minute they say, and most of us are proving it today


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I looked, scanned the whole page real quick and then read it. I logged on and just saw the word NUDE and clicked on it. My hand broke the sound barrier whilst moving the mouse haha