Pickled Bologna


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Ok, got to talking at work today and found out that nobody here has ever heard of, or had, pickled bologna...... Does anyone know of anywhere near alpharetta area to get some??????.. I grew up on it and love it, but haven't had it in years.... I want to get some to bring to work so others can give it a try..... Anyone???????


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I had never heard of it until I visited Central PA last October where appearantly that stuff is a staple and availabe in any grocery store. Pretty good stuff.


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I see some people sell it through ebay, but i was hoping to find it locally..... Anyone that wants to see what it looks like can go to ebay and type in pickled bologna.... Lots of recipes on line to pickle your own also... Goes great with cheese and crackers..... basically it is ring bologna that is pickled in vinegar with other spices added.... It really is good....


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I've had it and it is REALLY good. I knew a lady from Kentucky and when her family would come to visit, they would bring some to her. I've never found it here in GA.


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I get it at Ingles in clayton on occasion.Dad used to bring it in from michigan when he worked on the road and we would fight over it.lol
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Pickled weiners are ok, but nothing compared to the pickled ring bologna..... Guess i will have to order some.... and yes, I grew up in Michigan, so guess where i first had it.....LOL
It's really popular in Kentucky where my dad is from. It's really good with some saltine crackers and mustard. Yummy! The website posted earlier is a good one to buy it online. The prices are very competitive with what you would pay in stores in Kentucky.