Pike's Ponds...Houston County

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Well, i saw a thread about another pay pond where the fishing was horrible and the employees were disgruntled...dosnt sound fun at all...

I know that alot of you have little fishermen/women at home, and i also know alot of my fishermen brothers are new to the area via Robins AFB...

So, here's my preferred little pay pond...Pike's Ponds..The lady who ownds it (Mrs. Lady) is a sweetheart and her husband (Mr. Man) is a retired military guy who spends most of his time maintaining the levees and whatnot around the ponds.

$5 bucks/day...kids under 12 are free..

The front two smaller ponds are Catfish and Bream ponds. The catfish are fed, but not to the point where they won't bite your hook. The bream in these front two smaller ponds arent really worth mentioning.

The larger of the front ponds, to the far east, is full of nice sized eating bream and nice sized bass. The back side smaller pond is another good spot for Bass and Bream.

The largest of the ponds is home to some nice nice bass, big red belly bream, and crappie. This pond is about 8 ft at its deepest point close to the creek channel at the backside of the pond. I've caught lots and lots of 2-4 pounders out of here, but i have PERSONALLY WITNESSED what had to be between 10-12lbs being caught, and yes, released. Big bass live out in that grass. The topwater is good too. Also the ponds border Echeconee Creek.

so...here are some directions..

From Macon - 247 south to houston county. Right on Elberta Road. Right on Dunbar Rd. Right on Fairgrounds Road. Left on WaterFront Way.

From Warner Robins - Davis Drive north to Right on King Drive. Cross Elberta to Dunbar Road. Right on Fairgrounds Road. Left on Waterfront Way.

From HawkinsVille - Hway247 north to Left on Green Street. Right on North Davis Drive. Left on King Drive. Cross Elberta to Dunbar Road. Right on Fairgrounds Road. Left on Waterfront Way.

From Byron - I-75 to Hghway49 east. Right on Houston Lake Road. Left on Dunbar Road. Left on Fairgrounds Road. Left on WaterFront Way.

and there it is.
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both. trolling motors only and a KAYAK would be PERFECT to get out of one pond and into another. Also, once you see the place in person, i imagine a kayak would come in mighty handy on all the vegetation.

be careful with your trolling motors out there.


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Thanks for sharing... I think I might have to take the family out there one day just catch a few.


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I bet... Been back in the Warner Robins area for almost 5 years now and not to mention the 3 years I lived here in the 90's and never even heard of these ponds before.
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Yeah...The lakes were closed for the longest time.

So here's a little fokelore for ya. Way back when, the place was supposed to be haunted. Hahahaha. So 'local legend' had it back then that some guy muffed his family up in the 'house' on the property. Then it changed from the visible house on the property to a whole other house out in the woods.

The Warner Robins locals used to call it "Lady On The Lake" and sometimes "GreenEyes". Rumor was back then that you could ride by at night and see the lady out on the lake(LadyonTheLake), or that you could ride by and see her green eyes out there(greeneyes). Hahahahaha.

I also heard that green eyes was a whole other haunt at another location out in Centerville so that goes to show you how much weight rumors hold. hahahaha.

It was so overgrown for the longest time and you could barely see the water out there for all of the brush at the front of the property...

We used to jump the fence and fish it way back when, but you wouldnt catch us out there at night alone unless it was to scare the crap out of each other or impress the chicks. hahahaha.

so yeah...
dont get snuck up on out there. hahaha
Thanks for leting us know about this . I have been looking for somewhere near by and this is just around the corner from house


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Think I just might take my son he is two and loves to fish if they are gitten after it..


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Is there pretty good fishing to be had from the bank? I know the place. We used to make the trip out there to see old "green eyes" every once in a while. Like Hacksaw said it was all grown up then. I'd like to take the wife and let her tear some bream and catfish up, just curious if I would need to drag the boat along. How long has it been open? I didn't even know about it being open to the public.
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bank fishing is as good as any fishing...the brim are under the big pads, and the bass are in the grass...the catfish are pan size, eating size, and the guy that works there uses hotdogs to catch them....

the only spot that you can hit from a boat that you cant hit from the banks is the creek channel running though the middle of the big pond...

the big pond holds a few lunker bass out in that grass..the place is crawling with crawfish...chances are you'll see a few dried up claws on the bank...on a good day, you'll catch smaller bass all day long...

its a cool little "walk around" pay pond...the coolest anywhere near here..
I went by today and talked to the older man that runs the place. There is a lot of grass in all the ponds that I could see. He told me a fellow caught 3 bass yesterday at in the front pond marked on the map bass/brim and the smallest one was just under 5 l/b he also told that he was getting ready to drain the one marked catfish/brim and dig it out and get rid of all the grass in it. Looks real good and I will be fishing there a good bit since it is right at the house