Place to rent a John boat do a little fishing


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Hey y’all, looking to see if there’s s place to rent a John boat/trolling motor around the cobb county/NW GA area. Do a little freshwater fishing. Any advice is appreciated
The state park over on Lake Burton use to. I know it is not the area you mentioned, but ya may check with any of the parks. If you were over here, you could use one fer nuttin !!


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Is it worth the $50 for 2 people to go over there and rent a boat and fish? Is the chance to catch a few decent sized fish good?
Well the value of experience is a personal tangible, hard for me to say. The lake is well managed and there are some big fish, I have never fished it but I have seen some impressive catches from it.
I'd pay it.

Josh B

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I have a nice 16 foot with a 50 mercury on it. I'm always torn about selling it but money talks. I've used it more so far this year than past 5 years.
Free advice, worth what you pay for it.

I would buy my own elec. motor and especially a battery. The places that rent them are notoriously bad about maintaining and charging the batteries.
Get a kayak. I bought a lifetime tamarack angler kayak from wal mart for around $200 and it’s an awesome yak to be so cheap