Places to quail hunt with my dog ?

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What are some of the places around that I can go on a self guided hunt and use my dog. This will be his first year so just trying to learn some options. Thanks


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Buy you some birds and plant them in an open field. Nobody is going to give away their quail hunting spots.


many WMA's have a spot for dog training, you can release your own birds ther and hunt them.


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Call the plantations they'll all have an option for what you want. South fork or Etowah. Not sure where you are in North Ga.
Or like Greg said plant birds on the dog training areas of the wmas. They're listed in the regs. Best thing is find a field and get permission if possible. Offer to let the owner shoot and keep the birds allowing you to handle your dog.
Self guide

If you are just intent on paying someone else to put birds out for you i"ll be glad to help on my lease in Washington co. I have fields and wooded areas tall weeds and pine trees and you could self guide all you wanted.