Planting Oats question

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Normally we plant our oats with a drill, but this year we may not have access to it. Will i get a good germination rate if i broadcast the seed after we harrow and drag over them with a piece of chainlink fence? Its actually like a 4ft x 4ft gate and i could pull it with my four wheeler. Just wanted to some inout before invested into the seed etc.
I didnt even cover mine a few weeks back and got pretty good germination rate. I am sure covering it would have helped but I got mine out right before a rain and it got it going pretty good.


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You will need to increase the amount of seed you plant by dragging instead of drilling the seed.


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After I sow mine I go over with the disc set strait in the front and at the first hole in the back. I go at 4.5 to 5 mph and I get good coverage.
It also puts the oats in nice rows and levels the ground at the same time.


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The above only works in dry seed bed. If it's wet, I drag the seed in.
Oats are pretty easy to grow. I usually just spread my fertilizer and seed then disc in. No need to drag unless you are mixing some smaller seed as well like maybe rape or radish. If so spread those after you cut in the oats then drag.
If you plant before it rains and use your drag you will get excellent germination. As other have said discs will get the job done too but the name of that game is don't disc them in too deep.
Personally I don't like discing after spreading seed. Also, keep in mind that when you use a disc you'll turn up the seed bank causing a ton of weed and undesirables to germinate

Last fall I threw Coker Oats on the ground and let it rain in. I had 4 acres of solid green in a month