Planting Pines


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Lots of variables to consider that will vary from site to site.
Costs I incurred for planting loblolly pines last year on a clear cut site, 76 acres planted on a plot totaling 105 acres.
Fire breaks = $48; other site prep and burning = $30; tree cost=$50; herbaceous spray = $80; planting mechanical method =$100.
Total cost per acre incurred = $308 on the 76 acres.
You can spend a lot more on the trees if you want the most recent varieties and with hand planting.
May have less site prep cost on an ag field but cut over land does need some prep, fire breaks and burning.
This will give you an idea, but your mileage will vary somewhat.


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What type of land are you planting? For example, is this a clear cut, an old field or pasture? I just planted trees in an old pasture. I chisel plowed then Harrowed it up good and used the tree planter that my local GFC has for the public to use. I also purchased 40 Oak trees and planted them as well. I think my cost of 12,000 trees plus the oaks was around 1200.00$ plus the cost of my fuel for the tractors. I planted Select Premium Slash.


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$85/acre to vblade or tractor plant. $55-$75 to hand plant depending on spacing.

If it's to be site prepped $70-$85/acre depending on prescription.

$40/acre to band spray.

Tree costs vary a lot depending on variety.
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Thanks for the info! Looking at a piece of land that we would plant immediatley. Its a clear cut that would need a burn just to clean it up. We are probably looking at loblolly pine


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Figure on +/- $200-300acre... If it needs firebreaks, burning,spraying,planting. How long ago was it cut? Also,what variety of tree are you considering? Can you do any of the work yourself(like firebreak & burning)??
I avg around $220 to $240 an acre. This was band spraying, firebreaks, replanting, buying the trees, and me doing the burning. If its been a few years and it needs an aerial spray to kill the growth then it could drive the cost up even more.


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Depends on what site prep you need and what type of pines you will be planting and what method of planting.
Here's a list for hand planting longleaf pine:
Spraying Is $70 per acre
Subsoil $28 per acre
Scalp $28 per acre
Trees and planting $195 per acre by hand
Trees and planting $180 per acre per acre by machine