Pole barn made Apartment Rental info.

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I have 2 acres I live on, and have kicked around the idea of building a pole Barn, and making an apartment out of it. Was goin to have part of it for storage, and the other to rent out. Being I would be renting it out, I’m sure I would need rental insurance in it to cover the occupants items, as well as the building. The question I have, is can I even get insurance on something like this? I would have a small septic installed on a “weekend” project. What are the in/outs of pole barns being made into living areas? I live in Florida, thanks in advance.


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Florida is a real mess for DIY building in most counties.
I know in my county you can't change your front door without a permit.
And while a few years ago agriculture buildings were somewhat exempt, you now need permits and engineered drawings for even a pole barn.


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I do know the renter will be responsible for securing their own renters insurance. You will want to make sure to insure the structure and have enough liability insurance to cover your rear should something happen to the tenant or a guest on your property.