Pond stocking

A google search shows a few companies that will do it. Hybrids require higher hardness levels to thrive and need some deeper water to have some cool water refuge during hot summer months. They didn’t last in our pond south of Augusta.
Aquatic environmental is out of stock. Thank you for all
Of your replies
You say a new pond. If it is new pond, as in just built, then I assume it would be stock with the standard bass, bluegill, shell cracker, and catfish breakdown, or something similar. If you are going to put a few hybrids in there as well, then you need to make sure the population of the other fish is established before you do, and you should also make sure you get some that are trained to eat pellet food. You don't want them eating all of the freshly stocked fish, and in a pond based on bluegill for forage they don't typically do great unless they all take pelletized food.

If it is a new to you pond that already has fish in it, then they can do well depending on what is in there. If a pond has a good thread fin shad population they will often do pretty well without being fed pellet food. I would consider that before I jus bought some and dumped them in there.