Poor people meals


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Government cheese.........I hated that crap...........
I liked it purty good. I remember going to town with Granny and Granddaddy once a month when when I was little to get her commodities as she called'em. I loved that boxed cheese, but not so much for the powdered milk and other few things that she got.


...just joking, seriously.
Grammy's powdered milk (yuck)...
Now there's a memory I don't care to remember.:bounce:

But along with that memory comes the one of riding in the back of Grandpa's pickup truck all the way to town and back...woohoo!
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I remember eating hotdogs on white bread many times.
My dad won't eat a hotdog hardly at all now as a result of Having to do so back in the day


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Lots of y'all think like me.
The foods we ate, we didn't know were poor folks meals. We ate em because they were served to us by our parents who were getting us fed on what they had.

Now that we are old enough to get it, we are thankful for their efforts.

But it's these foods that make us feel like we are home again.