Poorest Counties in Georgia

Unfortunately, land in Hancock County is not cheap and is becoming more expensive. What they don't tell you is because there are so many poor people in Hancock County, the taxes on property there is also expensive.
All have small populations

What are the budgets to fund county government and the schools, that's a big question?
There's the small population and the timber landlords that pay the taxes. Who do you think will shoulder a good bit of the taxes - real estate taxes?


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Average median income. You can find it along with a whole load of other stats online....now if I can just remember the website.
Randolph County used to (not sure if they still do) have phenominal deer hunting for trophy bucks and the main reason for this was very few people lived there. those that did either farmed or sat on their front porches all day?!

Might have something to do with the stats being listed the way they were as others have suggested.

Also remember the lease prices were not small for the big deer reasons.

Hey All:

High compared to where - Jones or Cobb or Habersham or Ware County...

I live in Hancock County, the taxes are high (not as high as Rockdale where we migrated from) because 80% of the land owners do not pay their taxes so the 20% that do carry the burden.

The GBI and FBI have been all over the Hancock County government for years out this way, nothing seems to change...

All the dirt there is and will ever be is out there... It's worth what a person is willing to pay for it...

In 1983 I looked at a lake lot out here (1 Acre with 200 Ft. of water front) for $3,500... 24 years later that piece of dirt goes for $200,000.00... Not a bad investment if you bought in 1983 right??? :eek:

Most of that 20% in Hancock is comprised of property owners on the Sparta side (East Lake Area) of Lake Sinclair... :banginghe

Things are booming though, heck we got condos being built within a mile from my property... They will probably go for couple hundred Benjamins each... Word is a Golf Course may even be coming... Reynolds Plantation, you might have heard of them, they Own Lake Oconnee...:rolleyes:

Them who have can buy anything, or so they think...:huh:


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I find it hard to believe Taliaferro wasn't part of that list.


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Taliaferro is, I think the smallest now in population and also area. Public school was closed and they sent there children to Greene Co. until Greene frew and had to sen them elsewhere. Taliaferro had to build new public school (s?) to comply with state guidelines for around 130 students K-12; and it to has the highest county taxes the law allows.
Too many small populated Georgia counties

Hancock 10,076

Taliaferro 2,077

Randolph 7,791

Hancock 10,076

Macon 14,074

Calhoun 6,320

Clay 3,357

Clinch 6,878

Baker 4,074

Echols 3,754

Glascock 2,556

Marion 7,144

Lanier 7,241

On and on.

Source: 2000 Census


I reckon the income of the owners of houses on Oconee weren't counted since a lot of them are second homes and their primary residences aren't in Hancock??

That would for sure turn the tables on that study in a big hurry.