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Anyone else getting bad pop-ups lately? I’ve been getting completely redirected to a new page, without hitting clicking or tapping on anything.


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It's been awful the last couple days. Almost every time I get on this site a pop-up redirect comes up saying my phone has been infected by a virus.


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It's only on mobile platforms and is due to the ad platform GON has chosen to generate revenue to financially support the platform. I suspect Google Adsense is their platform and depending on Google to filter out these malicious phishing attempts is futile, even though they state they will do their best to keep them out.

GON could switch to Chitika for ad revenue and support instead of Google Adsense for a solution, but since their IT is on a contract basis I wouldn't wait on that.

I have switched my browser on my phone from Google / Chrome to Bing and thus far have not had a single issue with this happening.

Hope this helps.