Post locations for ethanol free gas here

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This sticky thread is for anyone to post information related to ethanol free gas for all to use. !!!!

Be sure to give a website link, street address, or exact directions for others to use.
Griffin (but no nearby lakes)- Young Petroleum on Meriwether St
Milledgeville (Sinclair)- Golden Pantry in downtown or the Jet store by the road that goes to the airport on 441
Jackson (Jackson Lake)- the BP in Stark at the 4 way stop


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Crossroads Phillips 66 in Newnan corner of Roscoe Rd & Buddy West has 90 oct. EF.

Praise the lord:yeah: Ethanol is evil.:smash::whip::shoot:
Highland Marina and Southern Harbor on West Point lake

Crockett Bros in LaGrange

Chambley's in Valley, Al.

Liberty station at Hwy 219 and 315 in Fortson