Post locations for ethanol free gas here

Race track, Oak Road & Hwy 124 Snellville

Race Trac has non-ethanol regular at the first pump closest to Oak Road. It may be present at other pump lanes, but that is the only one I have stopped at. I don't know why they charge extra for it. It should be 10 cents cheaper than the 10% ethanol stuff!



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Boys, boys, somebody already gave ye a link to this:

And, we can all edit stations as they add or (NOOOOO!) stop non ethanol. I hate that mess.

I just added that Speedy Mart on right just before Little River Bridge, Leah, but I like Pair O' Jacks better. Pollard's Cyorner is good, but dagnabbit, them boys must never change the fuel filters on their pumps! Last time I filled up there, me and the old boy on other side of pump liked to have never got filled up. Mess just trickled out. Hey, Pollard's Cyorner - y'all boys change ye gasoline filters.
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Kroger in Milledgeville now carries it but they sho are proud of it.


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I have a friend that does some work for me who owns two convenience stores, he told me that they only receive two kinds of gas. 87 and 93 octane, the pump mixes them for 89 octane, he swears that all 93 octane has no ethanol. What do ya'll think?


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Nah, I think most 93 has ethanol mess in it. Did I mention I loathe (that's stronger than hate) ethanol?

That place on GA Hwy 104 (Washington Rd.) just past Pair O' Jacks on the right before Little River Bridge at Clarks Hill has 93 non ethanol. Of course, Pair O'Jacks has non ethanol too. But that place (forgot name) closed down, back open now. Also, Crossroads between Lincolnton and Little River Bridge has non ethanol too. We need more of it boys, more. Oh, I hate ethanol.
The new Racetrac on 575, Ridgewalk Parkway exit 9 across from the outlet mall has E0. The price has been running the same as premium E10, 30 cents more than regular E10.
Mobil station in waverly Georgia's at hi way 17 cross roads they have etenol free gasoline