Post locations for ethanol free gas here


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Quick Trip on Lawrenceville highway(US29) at Cooledge Rd. in Tucker is now advertising Ethanol free gas...currently for $2.29 date: 4-26-2016

95g atl

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Suwanee ----- i-85 & lawrenceville suwanee

Spotted ethanol free station:

Priced as of 7/4/16 : $2.99 gallon

2893 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024
I have a friend that does some work for me who owns two convenience stores, he told me that they only receive two kinds of gas. 87 and 93 octane, the pump mixes them for 89 octane, he swears that all 93 octane has no ethanol. What do ya'll think?
I heard the same thing somewhere but I don't remember where. And I don't know if its true.
Ingles on 41 in Cartersville, Ga.

Ingles on Rt 41 in Cartersville Ga. has Ethonal Free pure gas It is pricey and only comes in 93 octane. If you shop ingles you can get a break up to 30 cents a gallon with shopping card. :biggrin2:


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I-75 exit 201. On the southbound side , Gulf station. That's GA. HWY 36.
Circle K in Columbus on Miller Rd at ALT 27 has mid grade $ 2.79 gallon,
Liberty station on Macon Rd @ Avalon Rd has 87 & 91 Octane - 91 Octane is $ 3.19 a gallon

There are several more in the area as well.


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While visiting Charles city Iowa, ethanol free gas is much less expensive, and seldom used. Those corncobs are convinced that ethanol is the better fuel. Ethanol free was like $2.28 per gallon where the 10% was like $2.50 per gallon.