Post pics of the Kids in the Outdoors!

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My baby girl got it done! Not her first bird but one of the best hunts I've been on in a long time!
I called this Tom and 3 hens in 3x before she made the connection!
Little spot and stalk, they came toward us to within about 10 yards, he shot her 7813E2D2-50FB-4D72-B10C-F65CE5AF30F5.jpeg right tween the eyes. My oldest boy. He thought the hogs were gonna get him. Bout had to stake his feet down to stop him from backing up.😂
Started hunting with me at 2. He was the first to kill a turkey on an invite hunt in SC. That trip started our passion. First turkey he was 12 in ‘09. The more recent pic was his 21st birthday. May not be exactly the age y’all were wanting, but we’ve shared his first kill on every animal and fowl and wouldn’t trade those memories for anything in this world. 3FF6FFEC-59A8-4D02-94CD-96A41C3AE888.jpeg 769CF2A1-9FAC-40A8-B29C-F0A77D7D96B5.jpeg