Post those Hunting Gear Deals!!!


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TASCO Walmart special picked up a few yrs ago, I bought 3, 1 I sold to a friend, and the other 2 I kept, they take great day/night pics. I like the 3 shot bursts pics, takes 4 AA Batteries. Unfortunately one of them didnt seal properly when it was closed at the end of the season and water got in and we all know what that does. but for 20 bucks + or - you cant beat it. 106.jpg is having a pretty good sale. I am so new I don't even know what I need, or don't, but something I have been eyeballing, but couldn't justify nearly $100. They have a "slightly blemished" deer target for about $50-60 bucks and I found a coupon for free shipping, so at the encouragement of my girlfriend, I bit the bullet and got me one. I am not convinced it's worth it, but It is allowing me to think about shot angles when the animal is quartering to or fro.

In my case, "Slightly blemished" meant that the ears were broken off and it only came with one side antler. I don't care much about either, but my son felt it was necessary to give it ears. The ears were in the box, just broken off so we just attached them with a few long wood nails and now instead of a shooter buck, she's a doe.

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