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Yep he will be good if he can survive.


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I’d guess 2.5 and don’t see any signs of him being any older ! I’d like to see him in about 3 yrs !
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What happened to the buck that was injured last year
That's the one the neighbor killed. 18.5 inches wide 160lbs dressed. He pulled a tooth to age, he guessed 4.5-5.5 but hadn't heard back yet. Oh well. Ill try to post his pic if I can figure out how.
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see if this works

This was a 6pt last year that had a broken left front leg. He healed around Jan 2017 and was able to walk without a limp around March. He grew into a nice 8pt. He was killed November 18, 2017 by my neighbor about a mile from where he spent all last year and all this summer/early fall. Right after he shed his velvet I never saw him again. I had him on camera 2016 and I think I had him 2015 but not sure. I have another 6 pt that looks just like his rack from last year. Maybe he will mature too.
Neighbor is getting him mounted.


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Neighbor got (above) it aged by a biologist. 3.5 years old. That was my initial thought. He would have made a good one but nobody is willing to let them age.


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Yeah us that try to let them get a little age on them have this happen often , stinks but it’s hunting, congrats to your neighbor ! Didn’t waste no meat that’s for sure, but if I was gonna mount I think I would of picked better shot placement !