Prayers for the evacuees

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Pray for the evacuees and their families as they travel thru ga. If you have friends needing rest, food or just a place to stretch their legs FBC in Locust Grove (exit 212 at Tanger Blvd) is open to them. Our address is 2950 Tanger Blvd.
That is really nice of you and your fellow church members to offer such a generous gesture. My Prayers also go out to all of these displaced refugees in hopes that they may be able to ultimately return home without too many damages involved.

It is kind of ironic that during the past couple of weeks, I had been trying to check up on many of my Texas friends due to Hurricane Harvey and those same friends have been calling me yesterday and today to check up on me due to this east coast Hurricane Irma.

I'm thankful that I learned a long time ago that "good friends" were worth a lot more than any amount of money. :cheers::cheers::cheers: