Predator / hog varmint light input?

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After our TX hog hunt I realize the need for a gun mounted red/green illuminator. The Cyclops looks decent for $90 but wanted conventional batteries not rechargeable.

I am OK with 50-100 yard effective range, more is of course better but size and weight is a consideration.

Most lights I see have rechargeable batteries; anyone make a good light for standard lithium batteries [123 or AA size etc?]

Don't know if voltage is a limitation for the LEDs but 3x123A size is 9V and more than the 2x3.7V rechargebles I see used.

I will use it out back at home for casual spotting off the gun more than hunting and don't want another gadget to worry about charging when I go to grab it.

Any suggestions?
Go to "light mall" google it you can buy the same cree led or whatever is the newest thing out there for 75% less than the branded hog or game lights. I'm talking the exact same light just no logo. Regards