Preffered line for surf fishing?

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I have always used 20-30Ib Cajun red tied to a swivel before the steel leader when I fish on the beach. It’s served me well over the years and I’ve caught several large shark with no problem. I have always been curious about using braid on the beach like I do inshore. Or maybe I should just stick with mono but move away from the Cajun red?
I had a bad experience with Spectra a few years ago while surf fishing. I was using #30 and something pretty big took me across a sand bar and the line abraded into.

Maybe braid is better now, but I haven't used it for surf fishing since.

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I like Andy's mono. Pink 30lb.
It's served us well for lots of big sharks, big reds, and big stingray
I like braid with a long fluorocarbon leader.

I have used 65lb braid with a long leader 4olb to 100lb pound fluorocarbon leader
It's a compromise. Braid will get you a further cast and will cut through the wave movement better to keep you in place. You will also have more on your reel in case a big one grabs it and runs. The down side is it is less abrasion resistant than mono. I personally take the chance and use 55 lb braid on my larger surf rods, and 20 ld braid and flouro leader on what I am using to cast jigs for flounder and such close in.


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Power pro braid to heavy flouro leader(depending on what’s being targeted) with dropper rigs to pyramid weights on the bottom
I love braid for surf fishing and I use only yellow line so birds or not real bright people can see it.
I'll second that for the bright color, only I use mono. I surf fish a lot down here between Jacksonville and St.Augustine Fla, and bright line with a flouro, or Ande Ghost as a leader is a must. I really got tired of fighting seagulls, pelicans, people, ect. ect. Plus you can see your line, its a win win. I use Whiskers catfish line, Stren Catfish and grand Slam High Seas IGFA. I try to stay with 15lb. or .015-.016 (.38-.40mm)
I fish mainly for Pompano and Whiting.
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