Preparing Venison for Freezing

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When wrapping venison for freezing should it be double wrapped in freezer paper or in one layer sufficient? I first wrap my venison in a clinging wrap (Saran Wrap) to squeeze at the air and was wondering if by doing that, I can eliminate a double wrapping of freezer paper. Thanks.
I think that is enough when we get them processed in sc that is how the processer did it i just put mine in freezer zip lock bags and if you want the air out just fill the sink half way with water and lower the bag down in the water and it will force all the air out then zip the bag and it is like vacum sealed.
I use a five gallon bucket fill about half way,give enough room for the bigger meats.I'm glad they came out with the gallon zip locks :bounce:


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I now use a use a Foodsaver to prepare meat for the freezer. Prior to that, I used aluminum foil to squeeze out the air and then wrapped with freezer paper. Sounds like the saran wrap will also work. I found this to take less space than the ziploc methods described here.