Prescription coyote rifle......


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300blk works great as long as you use it correctly. It was designed to give Spec Ops the knockdown of a AK but suppressed and run on the current M4 rifle platform. Keep the shooting inside 200 and she'll destroy a coyote. It's a 147gr .308 bullet with .223 power behind it
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range and use of this 300 blk....

probably 90 yards max. LEAST NOISE is what is important to me. If neighbors hear 'nothing' (no bullet 'crack') then there is no explanation needed. Until I can get the Ruger Ranch 300 blk suppressor the suppressed 10/22 in 22LR will be used. I don't think it's enough power for coyotes, but even the 300 with 220 subsonics may not anchor them, either.
I'm guessing my Ruger 77/357 if suppressed with subs would work as well.


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I shot one today, a big one, with a 17hmr. Good hit, half way between back and belly. Just behind the front leg. I saw the impact at about 50 yrds.
He jumped up, arching his back, and ran off into some thick cover.
I found a good amount of bright red blood. Tracked him about 100 yrds until the blood quite.
The 17 hmr will kill them, but not drt. I'll be using a .223 in the future.


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Weve established the fact that if u shoot it in the right place it's bang flop. Ive trapped a lot of coyotes, and even at point blank a 22 isn't enough when shooting in the heart/lungs of course they will die but it may take 30 seconds or even a minute . U know how far a yote can run in just 10 seconds?
I have killed deer with 22 LR before, but I don't hunt deer with them. Just because a small gun will kill something doesn't mean it is the best to use. I have leaned the old saying is very true, All Ways Use Enough Gun. You want a good clean fast kill, you do not want the target to suffer.
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Purchased a Ruger American In 22 MAG with threaded barrel. Having trouble getting my FFL dealer to get an FFL copy to Whittaker so they can ship it. Not sure what the holdup is and may have to do it myself (pick up FFL copy and fax it on my fax machine).
A friend has several boxes of Federal 22 Mag ammo with the 50 gr bullets. All that have tried them said "poor accuracy" but I won't need MOA accuracy for 60 yard heart/lung shots. My suppressor is said to be ok w/ 22 mag Rimfire in a rifle barrel so I'm going to try it. Weeds and brush is starting to leaf out so time for clearer shots in the woods is dwindling!
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Ruger American (#8335) is finally in my hands. Anxious to clean factory lube off/out of the bore, screw on the can and get it scoped and ready for coyote elimination! This short run model has a threaded 'heavy' barrel and green stock. Pics soon.


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A .22LR/.22mag is a gracious plenty to kill a 35lb yote.
ten fo' on that one Quack.

.22 LR will get it done on a small animal
such as yote..

A Stinger or Yellow Jacket will get it done inside 100.
125 if you can shoot!