Price to thread a rifle barrel


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I recently bought a suppressor and am waiting on the ATF. My can is a rimfire model rated up to a .22 mag. I have several handguns and rifles that are already threaded, but some that are not. I have a couple of CZs in HMR and .22 mag that I would like to have threaded. I am in metro Atlanta and had one gunsmith quote $175 per barrel. That includes a thread cap and shortening the barrel a couple inches. Is that the going rate?
My can is rated for .22 long rifle only, BUT based on my testing of it on a rifle using .22 hyper velocity smmo (CCI Stingers), I don’t think I would bother paying to have the muzzle of a 22 Magnum rifle threaded. The difference in noise between suppressed or unsuppressed shooting with hypervelocity 22 Long rifles is very small .
In contrast, when shooting standard velocity / subsonic ammo, a silencer does a LOT of good.

(PS: I know that when shooting many Center fire calibers, a silencer helps even when you’re using supersonic ammo. There is a huge difference in the noise between 223 rounds fired through suppressed or unsuppressed. But when it comes to 22 rimfires, I don’t think there’s that much of a difference when the load you’re using is well above supersonic speed anyway .
PS I’ve had two of my guns threaded by gunsmiths for Suppressor use. I think the first one was $75 and several years later I have the second one done for $125 .


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I shoot my rimfires often, both the .22 mag and the .17 HMR. The .22 mag is the louder of the two, about like a small centerfire. While researching suppressors, I found some data sheets that showed a 20-25 dB reduction on .22 mag rifles. Way louder than subsonic .22, but a big improvement over unsuppressed. As long as I have the can, I am going to use it as much as possible. BTW, the .17 HMR suppresses nicely. A friend of mine runs one suppressed and shooting his motivated me to make sure my can was magnum rated.


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Think I paid $150 before season to get a deer rig chopped and threaded


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Usually it's around $150 if you drop off the complete rifle. If you remove the barrel and bring only the barrel it will be half.