Prize for most Does...


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heading to twiggs sunday i hope to put something down
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come on folks,... Few days left!!! Don't let roach walk away free and clear, straitshooter,... How about tonight or Wednesday evening?

Eddy M.

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eddy, if I had prior notice, I could take you out on a place in Chatham county I got permission to hunt. Problem is EVERY time I been there I saw bucks and few if any doe.
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Well, if nobody makes a last ditch effort tomorrow...i will be forced to give this nice little rifle to Roach and he only shot 2 DOES!!! That's pretty pitiful that only 2 does wins a contest!!! whats wrong with everyone? My excuse is that i did not see enough doe to shoot at,...and i was brushing my hair a few times when the deer came in and other times i was chatting on the phone and one time i was even posting on woodys...

OK, all the good excuses are now taken!


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Mine were a bit out of my pistol range. I had 6 does and 1 button head in front of me on Sat but I pulled two of them out at beyond 300 yards (yes I practice to 600 sub MOA).

Eddy M.

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:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: looks like we have a winner:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: and unless I haven't heard of a new buck harvest Javalin is tops for the Speer #13 manual for taking the best buck with a handloaded round in a handgun:banana::banana::banana: congrads to both of you:fine::fine::fine::fine:


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I just bought me a handgun today..Next year I plan on winning this thing:bounce: