Providence Park

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A member suggested that I hit up Providence Park and give it a shot. Only had a little bit of time but managed a few gills and a small bass.

Wondering if anyone could answer a few questions:

The lake seemed pretty shallow does it get very deep towards the middle. Thinking of tubing it.

What type of fish are there? I saw a major disruption that was huge. I'm not talking carp spawning huge, I'm talking like grown man jumping in the pool huge. Wondering what it was?.... gator did cross my mind


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Are you talking about the one in Milton?

Yeah, it's a huge grass carp. There are several. The entire pond is so shallow, you probably would not find any water deeper than waist deep. Maybe at the spillway it gets to 6 ft. It's very muddy and silted.

Used to be a good spot, but too many people keeping fish. Hope they enjoyed it, since the lake was closed 10 years as an EPA superfund clean up site. I would not eat anything, from there. Also, fishing is supposedly limited to the bank and paddle craft are only for homeowners.

I'd say if you tried to wade and tube - you better tie a safety rope to pull back out of the deep MUD. No gators, but a few water snakes for sure.


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Where does it say paddle craft are only for homeowners?
There is no signage, but if you launch a canoe or kayak, the homeowners will likely challenge you, as they were the ones who told me, boating is just for homeowners and the park is limited to bank fishing only. Some of the local kids told me that too.

Not sure if that is listed anywhere. I checked the Milton web site and there is no mention, it does say most of the lake is owned by the homeowners.