Public Education has become an institutionalized form of child abuse

My little sister was a high school teacher. When faced with signing a contract for one more year this year she just couldn't do it. She's finally fed up with all the crap. I told her it was the best decision she has ever made. She's out of the madness and can now go get a job in the real world and if she doesn't like it she can tell the employer to stick it because she has her teacher's retirement.


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The biggest mistake America made was handing the Schools over to the Gov't I believe it was in the 50's it's been downhill ever since. We see the result's every day Period
Even in rural schools, not dominated by DOEd, Atlanta globalists, or union rules, the indoctrination persists. My 9y/o grandson attends a Camden County school, and evidence of the leftist twist shows up in his homework, his assigned reading and what he relays about class. Fortunately, it is not as bad as urban schools. Also, my grandson (at least) has to encounter my take on what he has been told every afternoon because he walks to our house and stays with my wife and I until his Mom gets off work. I do occasionally have to remind him that it is not a good idea to talk about his rifle at school!

I have spoken to several of the teachers in the neighborhood elementary school. They are mostly smart enough to know that the official lesson plans are junk, but they also have to follow the plan to keep their job. But even in very "Red" rural Camden County, GA there are committed union loving liberal democrats teaching children that they are victims, guns are evil, Trump is the devil, and socialism is good.
America was set up to be screwed when we let education leave our churches in favor of public education. We were set up to be doubly screwed when Carter set up the federal Dept of Education.


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Where do new teachers come from ? The indoc system.