Publix Deli Banh Mi (asian bbq sub)

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Has anybody tried one.....Looks good and I love a banh mi but not sure if the Publix ones are worth checking out


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I can say I used to work at Publix, they will let you sample anything, also they have a money back guarantee, you can eat the whole sub and if you don't like it and you have your receipt they will give you a full refund. So nothing to lose.
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Not too shabby....

But the Tifton location could put a little more sauce on the sammich


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In general, I like the subs made at Publix. Better to me than at least on other very popular brand I can think of. But if it has seasoned cooked ground pork on it, do that do that too?
I had one today. Terrible. Awful. cilantro and carrots? yuck... meat was tough, stringy, and chewy. overall very dry. typical poor attempt at being exotic. I'm stickin with my sweet onion chicken teryaki from Subway.