Pulaski shoot

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This was my first time at this shoot and let me tell you...I loved it. The people were friendly and the Duck burgers were AWESOME!!!!! I have added all their dates to my calendar and will try and make all of them I can.
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Yeah I got a 5 on that one too because I hit the 10 ring dead on but it was the rear 10 ring and I did not realize that there was even a forward 10 ring on it. My fault for not being more observant. I was just happy I made a 40 yard shot off the platform and hit the target.
glad yall could come out......

and enjoy one of middle ga s best shoots, we use to have 4 local area shoots , but due to low shooter turnouts they have all started closing down, would be nice if eveyone would get folsk back into having fun with the family and freinds. I talked to Mr poe, which runs pulaski, and if the numbers arent up for the rest of the shoots, there will be no pulaski next year, so come on folks lets get the numbers up.


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I have enjoyed all three of the Pulaski shoots this year. I hope they keep that place going because I think it is really good hunting practice at that place and those whiteoak bottoms that you shoot in make the trip worth making.