Pup scared of truck.

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For some reason my five month pup just got scared of riding in a truck. He gets so scared he trembles and vomits. I started all over today getting him comfortable with the truck bed and his crate. He is starting to run up ramp to take his place now and going in crate but what could have triggered this episode as I’ve never had a dog do this before in my fifty years of hauling dogs. And before y’all say I’m old I was driving around country roads hunting when I was eleven.
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No, he rides on utv, lawnmower and in boat. Of course he hasn’t been in boat since he started this. As said I’m starting over as introducing a puppy to vehicle but something happened I can’t put my finger on. The only thing happened to him in the past month was he ran into a cable and cut his neck. He may just still be bruised and swollen but that shouldn’t have caused his timid ness.


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Maybe he associates the truck with going to the vet--he did have a bad experience with his neck injury. My goofy Britts love the truck but the vet?? Uh-uh...
Odd. Put him in the bed of the truck and feed him a few times then maybe move to the cab. Sounds like he's associating the truck with something unpleasurable. good luck!
My brit would get motion sickness when she was a pup and then began to hate the truck for that reason. She would start trembling and drooling if I loaded her up. She is just now getting to wear she can ride without getting sick at 2 years old. Vet said it has to do with young dogs and there ears developing and a few can get anxiety about riding since it makes them sick and thus cause more vomiting. I just made sure car rides were fun and often and tried to make her associate it with happy times.
Don't feed him for a day, leave your tailgate down and tie him where he can jump up in it on his own. Cut up a handful of hot dogs in real small chunks and throw them up in the bed. Walk off and leave him for a couple hours, he will most likely get over it. Another dog up in the bed might help too. It don't really matter what made it happen, just help him get over it.
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I have been feeding him in the truck the last few days and letting him come and go in the truck bed. I have a ramp for him so I don’t have to help him up in truck. I leave the dog crate in truck and open for him to get comfortable with on his own. He doesn’t seem as nervous about being in truck now.
I’ll be in the swamp the next two days chasing hogs and woodcock so I’ll try him again Thursday for a couple short rides.
Thanks for everyone’s help.
I have a dog that will jump in any car that has the door open. She loves sitting in cars. Start it up and drive and she shakes and whines like nobody's business. Found her as a stray so there's no telling what may have happened to her. I hope you can break him of it. Sounds like you're on the right track.
It sounds like is he getting motion sickness. If he is not scared of the truck I would bet on motion sickness, like people getting sea sick. I had this happen to one of my labs years ago. No problem with him jumping in the truck, just drop the tail gate and he would jump right in and go in the dog box. Close the box and tail gate fine. Drive 17 miles to the river and he has thrown up and looks scared to death. After about 6 months he was fine. Just keep working with your dog, he will make it.