QDM Alabama Hunting Club (2,000 acres with 5 members)

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This club is located about 2 hours from downtown Atlanta. It is in east-central Alabama between Montgomery and Birmingham. As stated above we have approximately 2,000 contiguous acres with 5 current members. This is all private land not timber company land. Currently all the members live in the metro Atlanta area. We have not added any members in over 10 years however we are looking to increase our total membership to no more than 10 people. We need help taking care of this place. Both financially and in terms of planting, tractor work, stand maintenance, etc. The area surrounding this club is part of a 5,000+ acre QDM cooperative. We also border a 30,000+ acre WMA on our western boundary which provides great hunting and access to the WMA that others don’t have.

This club is made up of serious hunters who all share the same goal of shooting mature bucks. We don’t have point restrictions or spread restrictions. We simply shoot mature deer. 4-year old’s being the absolute minimum age to harvest. We like to have realistic goals for the area we hunt and killing 4-year old bucks is very realistic here. We send the jawbones off to make sure we are accurate with our estimates and on track with our management plan. You can kill 3 bucks per year per ALDNR regulations. You’re second and third bucks DO NOT have to be bigger than your first. It simply does not matter to us as long as they are 4-years old, or older. While we are very QDM minded we don’t believe in shooting every doe we see. We enjoy having a good-sized deer population and enjoy seeing deer when we hunt. Our current buck to doe ratio is not severely out of whack but it is not 1:1 and we don’t mind. We have never had any problems with not seeing deer chase, or fight, or no distinct factors that have disrupted our rut due to having too many does. This is the type of management plan that we think is best for this piece of property. It is not uncommon to see 10-20 deer in a morning or evening hunt (especially on a green field). We have a year-round mineral program we start in the early spring and go through late summer, we run approx. 20 trail cameras to keep an inventory of deer, we have approx. 13 food plots that range anywhere from 2 acres to .25 acres and we have roughly 15 stands (ladder stands, shooting houses, loc-on’s) scattered throughout the property that anyone is free to use. With this much acreage and this few hunters the deer rarely get pressured and it really is some great hunting.

We don’t have an endless number of rules. Like I said, this club will not be for everyone but the members we currently have are all like-minded and we all get along well. Some key takeaways out of the rule book include: no shooting does off green fields, keep four-wheelers and truck traffic to a minimum and on designated roads, shoot only mature deer, $500 fine for shooting a young buck, minimalist guest policy (one guest, one time), etc.

We do not have any private spots and use a pin-in, pin-out system. This has never been an issue.

We have a house with full kitchen, full bath, electric, gas, DirecTv and water. We also have an area for you to bring your camper and hook up. Currently the house is full but two areas are available for camper/RV hookups. More can be added if needed. You would need to provide your own camper or sleeping arrangement of some sort. Hotels are approx. 15-20 minutes away if needed.

We have killed some good deer in the past and even a few good ones recently. We regularly kill 120”-130” bucks, occasionally 140”-150” bucks and rarely a 160” +. We also have a lot of good deer on trail cameras. The genetics in this area are very good. In terms of terrain it is very diverse. We have a large creek that runs through the entire property so there is bottomland, swamps, thinned pine stands and cut overs of several ages. There are also very hilly and steep areas with large hardwood bottoms and ridges. Lots of different areas and scenery to hunt. There are no agricultural fields on this property. We are neighbors with the only agricultural field in this area to our north. Soybeans currently planted in approx. 100 acres. There are no hogs, some ducks, a great turkey population and a great deer population. This land hunts extremely large due to the terrain.

The price on this is about what you would expect for a 2,000-acre QDM club with 5 members. We’re looking for 10 members at $2,900 per member. This is a long-term lease we have had for 20+ years and do not ever plan on getting rid of. Club budget will be distributed to show revenue and total costs/expenses. This membership fee is an all-in fee. It includes everything (leases, insurance, minerals, seed, etc, etc, etc.) Each member is expected to complete four work days (two weekends). A fine of $150 per day will be assessed if the member does not complete their work days. This fee will go towards hiring outside labor.

A decision on the membership will be voted on by club members and will mostly be about how good of a fit you will be. This is not a first come, first serve opportunity. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via PM.

Aerials, trail cam photos, kill photos, etc. will be distributed to serious inquiries. The proof is in the kill photos and recent trail camera photos that this area creates and holds 130-150” deer regularly. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to hunt a January rut. Season runs from October 15 to February 10. 1st rut occurs around Thanksgiving and main rut occurs in late January.

NOTE: We do have an exception to the harvest criteria for children of members. Any child who has never harvested a deer can shoot any buck/doe of their choosing. No age/size requirements. These can also be shot off food plots. This is to encourage participation and make hunting fun.
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Photos for attention. These are all photos from last year. The Moultrie cameras are probably 7-8 years old and are barely functioning. The dates are stuck on year 2015 regardless of the actual year.





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Looks great!

Excellent info.

Good luck!!!!!!
I’m interested in bartering Tractor services for Membership. I’m also a Pro Staff Bow Hunter. Let me know I live in Acworth GA with great equipment.
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I’m interested in bartering Tractor services for Membership. I’m also a Pro Staff Bow Hunter. Let me know I live in Acworth GA with great equipment.
Thanks for the offer however not interested in tractor services at this time.
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Two memberships filled. Have found some really like minded guys. All food plots planted and have had good rains on them. Looking for more of the right guys if we can find them. Lots of really good deer on camera this year as well.